Our Team

Welcome to CBS Consulting LLC
CBS Consulting provides expertise in a broad range of consulting services for government and private sector organizations. Our multidisciplinary team offers innovative and strategically sound business solutions to a widely diverse spectrum of clients facing challenges in the areas of strategic and critical materials, supply chain management, acquisitions strategies, marketing, human resources and conflict management. 


CBS Consulting recognizes that attempting to secure business with the government can be extremely frustrating. Understanding the acquisition regulations and policies, identifying business opportunities in FedBizOpps and crafting a competitive and compliant proposal to secure a contract are overwhelming tasks for most companies. Our highly-experienced personnel will work with you each step of the way to meet and exceed each challenge.

The CBS Consulting Acquisition Team excels in a strong understanding and working knowledge of the Federal Acquisition Regulations, Department of Defense (DoD) regulations and is well-informed on strategic and critical materials in DoD weapons systems and supply chain management.  

CBS Consulting has intimate operational knowledge and strong working relationships with the DoD, DLA and most civilian agencies.  We also possess a solid understanding of how commodity markets operate.  Our Acquisition Team has a plethora of procurement, marketing and finance experience. As former senior federal managers, they provided the oversight for multi-million dollar global sales and acquisition programs.


CBS Consulting recognizes that understanding diversity and the need for inclusiveness is definitely a business necessity given the current global market and workforce trends. Successful organizations acknowledge effective management of a diverse work force notably increases productivity. The CBS Consulting Human Resources & EEO Team has provided diversity and inclusion services for numerous organizations and will collaborate with you to develop and implement plans to increase efficiency and exceed your company’s aspirations.  

CBS Consulting acknowledges even in a model work environment occasional workplace disputes occur. CBS Consulting understands the need for immediate, thorough, and confidential support when employee disputes arise and offers a variety of options to address and resolve workplace disputes in a timely and cost effective manner. Our HR & EEO Team are EEO certified, have extensive experience in conflict management and will provide expert guidance and assistance in reducing your organization’s cost due to conflict matters. 

We understand that current demands often require organizations to do more with less and this is why CBS Consulting offers its clients a comprehensive package of services backed by experience and a commitment to exceed expectations. 
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